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tv   Good Morning Reno 430am  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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precipitation will be saturday. all eyes on nevada today as the gop caucuses get underway later today. candidates are making their way through the silver state rallying for support. one of those candidates, ted cruz made a final push last night in reno. kolo 8 news now's catherine van takes a look at how he plans to win over nevada at todays caucus. the excitement began hours before ted cruz took center stage. vicky: i think he is the man that can make the difference many in support of cruz... others. nats these lands are your lands, in protest. nats: these lands are my lands. cruz. a supporter of giving away federal lands. struck a chord with a group dead set on protecting nevada's public lands. lynda nelson: everything else is private in texas. we don't want that we want to keep our public lands public.
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of more than a thousand people. making promises he says would see through as president. cruz: we will repeal every word of obamacare... common core ends today... we finally, finally, finally secure borders and end sanctuary cities. he's calling for a reagan revolution that stands for liberty, fights for christianity and defends the constitution. cruz: every justice i put on the court will be faithful to the constitution and ferociously defend the bill of rights for my children and for your children known as a traditional conservative ... cruz vows to stand beside israel and destroy isis. cruz: you'll have a commander and chief that will destroy radical islamic terrorism. his bold stances and passionate delivery sealed support for many...including nevada legislators and celebrities... but the question is if they'll stay with him through november. at the boys and girls
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today cruz will be heading to minden, fernley and carson city. donald trump is also making a swing through northern nevada. he'll be in sparks today... speaking at a rally at the nugget casino resort. the event starts at noon. doors open at 10. the event is free and open to the public, but registration is encouraged. and doctor ben carson will be in las vegas today for a town hall ahead of the clark county caucuses. during a rally in virginia city yesterday... carson encouraged people not to listen to the media and the hype surrounding other candidates. he says he's still in the race at the encouragement of supporters. ben carson, r-presidential candidate: as i explained, being quiet and mild mannered doesn't mean you aren't strong. people just need to be re- oriented and understand how that works. and marco rubio is still looking for his first win with renewed momentum following a second place finish in south carolina. in an obvious reference to donald trump and ted cruz, the florida
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several hundred at the peppermill, the party will lose if they nominate a candidate who a majority of republicans don't like. he argued that he was the candidate who could unite the party in an election he said was pivotal for the nation's future. rubio told the crowd president obama had set the country on a downhill track and he said this election was coming at a pivotal moment. rubio: "if we lose this election we will have to explain to our kids why we inherited the greatest country in the world and they got something different. we still have time to get it right, but we don't have forever. that's the great challenge of this election and that's why i'm asking for your vote." rubio has been picking up endorsements from party regulars, including nevada senator dean heller and congressman mark amodei, both of whom appeared with him at yesterday's rally. there are a few things you need to remember if you plan on taking part in today's republican caucus.
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same as your regular voting location. second... you'll need to check the time your precint is caucusing. you can only participate if you are already registered to vote as a republican. you have a couple of options. you can fill out a ballot with your candidate preference... or stay for discussion among supporters of the various candidates. finally, before you can participate... you'll need to have a government- issued i-d when you check in. for more information on both the caucuses and candidate appearances, go to kolo tv dot com. the nevada state democratic party has released their official recap of saturday's caucus. according to the party, nearly 84 thousand people participated in the caucus. an estimated 14 thousand nevadans registered as democrats. and 65 percent of those who went to the caucus were going f the first time. the search is on for a man in connection with a high speed chase through reno. it all started in a
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hundred dollar bottle of liquor was stolen. that's when an off duty police officer saw a car speeding up to 100 miles per hour on i-580. the officer followed the car and reported it to 9-1-1. the driver ended up hitting another car near meadowood mall interchange. the two suspects ended up at the grand sierra resort where they ditched the car and took off running. the driver was arrested, but police are still looking for the other man. "he's been described as a hispanic or white male adult initially thought to be wearing a red shirt and late observed by security to have lost the red shirt and now wearing a green shirt" trt :11 we're told security cameras at g-s-r caught the suspect changing clothes. we'll of course continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as we get them. the owner of a carson city brewery is facing felony theft charges. lake tahoe brewing company owner michael candelario is suspected of stealing 45-thousand dollars.
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sheriff's office says he sold canning equipment to a company in canada...but when he got the money... he never shipped the equipment to the buyer. deputies say they've discovered other theft or fraud victims in carson city and other locations. lake tahoe brewing has been closed since last month due to a boiler problem. construction begins today to move a massive boulder that fell saturday onto u-s highway 50 near the cave rock tunnel. the 8 foot tall boulder weighs an estimated 60 thousand pounds. today crews will break the boulder into little pieces with a hydraulic drill. it's a time consuming process. the nevada department of transportation says to expect delays or avoid the area if you can. "what we are going to do tomorrow is take all of the traffic and put it on the eastbound side of the highway, running single lane traffic on both sides so it is going to be a lot slower." ndot will be starting a five million dollar
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the beginning of may on the cave rock tunnel. crews will replace the steel mesh with a larger concrete barrier to hopefully catch more falling rocks. the concrete will be painted to blend in with the surrounding rock. traffic will be down to one lane through cave rock from may until october. the nevada highway patrol is releasing new information about a deadly crash in carson city. n-h-p says 55 year old melanie marnne-lawson was killed in a crash between college parkway and arrowhead drive on friday. they say she was driving in the fast lane when she drove into the left shoulder. she overcorrected and drove across all the southbound lanes and hit a concrete wall. she was taken to a hospital where she died from her injuries. the crash is still under investigation. washoe county school district police are trying to find out who
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winnemucca elementary school. the vandalism happened over the weekend. we're told someone broke into the school, but it's not clear if anything was taken. anyone with information, is asked to call the school or secret witness at 322- 4900. we now know when the funeral for senator debbie smith will be. it will be at sparks high school this sunday at noon. her family asks in lieu of flowers, donations can be made in her name to the doctor marnie rose foundation, which supports brain tumor research. she began treatment for a malignant brain tumor one year ago. the democrat was was first elected to the state assembly in 2000 and won a seat in the senate in 2012. politicians from across the state have expressed sorrow over her passing. smith died sunday at the
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accused michigan mass shooter jason dalton is facing 16 charges in saturday's gun rampage... including six counts of murder. he's being held without bail... as police comb through evidence in the horrific series of attacks. reid binion reports.
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point in time, that's always a difficult thing to try and figure out when you're dealing with these kinds of random acts of violence." prosecutor jeffrey getting, on the continuing investigation into saturday's shooting rampage in michigan. "one of the pieces of evidence that was seized from the suspect was his phone, and that phone is being gone through." other key evidence - the handgun police say they found on suspect jason brian dalton... the pistol - consistent with shell casings from all three crime scenes ...perhaps even more disturbing, the 'heavy duty' jacket - capable of concealing a pistol - ... ...which law enforcement says dalton bought less than three hours before the first attack. also, a veritable arsenal - a total of eleven rifles - investigators found at dalton's home... this, as one injured victim is still recovering, expected to survive... ...while another clings to life in the hospital. "she is alive and she's fighting for her life." 14-year old abigail cough is in critical condition... ...the only survivor in the third and final attack. her mother, breaking down monday..... she and abigail's
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their little girl... strengthen over the sierra and western nevada bringing dry conditions through the work week. temperatures will remain a few degrees above seasonal averages on tuesday before increasing well above average into the start of the weekend. the next chance for light precipitation will be saturday. dry conditions with unseasonably mild temperatures will prevail this week as a ridge of high pressure remains in control of the large scale pattern. breezy conditions may develop this evening along the ridge tops as an upper level jet shifts east while the ridge begins to build overhead. the ridge will amplify through thursday which will result in high temperatures warming
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seasonal averages into the start of the weekend. high temperatures tuesday will remain in the low to mid 50s across much of the region. temperatures will then steadily climb in the mid and upper 60s across western nevada by thursday with lower 60s for sierra valleys. the amplifying high pressure ridge will also promote strengthening valley inversions this week. limited mixing in the lower atmosphere may result in some reduced air quality in valley locations particularly tuesday with some deeper mixing expected past midweek. otherwise, mostly clear skies expected through tuesday with increasing high clouds moving in along the periphery of
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looking for a perfect summer job? the reno aces are hosting a job fair this saturday, from 10 a-m to 2 p-m at the aces ballpark. jobs up for grabs include ushers, ticket- takers, event security and valet parking. if you're interested and are over 18 years old applications are available at kolo tv dot com... just click on hot topics. you can also pick one up at the aces seurity office monday through friday. the aces will open their 2016 season on thursday april 7th against the el paso chihuahuas here in reno. workplace wellness programs have become a common way for companies to get employees healthy. many of these initiatives involve giving away something we all love -- cash! but is there a smarter way to go about it?
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andrew spencer has more. employers want healthier employees...and as a result, workplace wellness programs are hot! according to a study published in the annals of internal medicine - now more than 80% of big companies are now offering some form of financial incentive to get their workers to participate. looking at how such programs can be more effective... researchers gave nearly 300 people a 7- thousand step goal to keep up during a 13- week-challenge. the study participants were broken up into groups... one got one dollar and forty cents for each day they hit the 7- thousand step goal. the second group's participants were entered into a daily lottery -- they could only win if they met their goal the day before. the third received $42 upfront each month -- with the caveat that participants lost one dollar and forty cents for each day they failed to meet the 7-thousand so what did researchers find?
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threatened with losing money excercised more. one physician involved with the study says it's all how the reward is framed...adding that our brains are wired to avoid losing things...and we like the immediate
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0223dsp01 outcue = we'll be right back trt = 2:26 with a win last night, the golden state warriors would be the fastest n-b-a team to ever reach 50 wins in a season -- trying to do it in just 55 games taking on the atlanta hawks... stephen curry -- doing what he always does -- draining 3's... from all over the court...
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long 2... just ridiculous... 4th quarter -- warriors find themselves down 1... 3's too... he had 27 points... later... andrew bogut with the steal -- gets it to curry... points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds -- and the warriors do it -- they are now 50-and-5... 102-92 the final meanwhile -- a heartbreaking loss for the wolf pack basketball team saturday at u-n-l-v... marqueze coleman hit a 3 to put the pack ahead 80-77 with just 2.4 seconds remaining, but patrick mccaw answered for the rebels, beating the buzzer to send the game to overtime... u-n- l-v went on to win 102-91 in o-t... coleman posted a
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10 rebounds in the loss... eric cooper junior added a career-high 24, and cam oliver went for 14 points and 21 rebounds the pack will look to bounce back tomorrow night against utah state -- tip off set for 7 pm at lawlor well a pretty cool experience for the wolf pack baseball team yesterday -- getting a chance to visit the texas rangers spring training facility in phoenix as you may remember, former wolf pack star chris gimenez is now a member of the rangers -- no doubt he played a role in setting the visit
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sierra and western nevada bringing dry conditions through the work week. temperatures will remain a few degrees above seasonal averages on tuesday before increasing well above average into the start of the weekend. the next chance for light precipitation will be saturday. dry conditions with
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taking a selfie won't just be something we do for fun. it could soon be used to prevent fraud. mastercard is launching a new app where you can use selfies to approve online purchases. the company says selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords. especially since many of our passwords are easy for scammers to figure out. if you want to try this out you'll have to download the mastercard identity check app. a disturbing discovery at a downtown las vegas hotel. a woman found dead in the hotel laundry chute. the questions surrounding her death this morning. and the battle between tech giant apple and the f-b- i continues over whether or not to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters.
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"you're watching kolo 8 news now good morning reno." we're going to make america great again! and we're going to
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the g-o-p caucus is today in nevada. trump is feeling confident so far. what the rest of the candidates have to say. and police are still looking for one suspect involved in a car chase. the incident started in carson city but ended in reno. and we now know the name of the person involved in a fatal car crash in carson city. we'll have the details. thanks for joining us on good morning reno. i'm amanda sanchez and i'm dave lawrence. let's go to lindsey matherly with a look at the forecast. high pressure will strengthen over the sierra and western nevada bringing dry conditions through the work week. temperatures will remain a few degrees above seasonal averages on tuesday
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it's gop caucus day here in the silver state. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump has 2 big wins under his belt and he's hoping for a third just one week before super tuesday. abc's kenneth moton reports. script: it's caucus time in nevada. sot donald trump 11:40:33 we're going to make america great again! and we're going to keep winning,winning, winning! overnight gop frontrunner donald trump rallied his biggest crowd yet in las vegas. the billionaire is banking on a hot streak that will carry him through super tuesday and to the gop nomination as he continued attacking his rivals. sot donald trump this guy cuz lies more than any other human being the fight getting nasty. ted cruz fired his


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